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Climbing in Iowa

Fall 2011 Season

Spring 2010 Season

Climbing in Iowa

Are you up to the challenge of negotiating access to that privately-owned hilltop blanketed in corn? Have you ever hoped to orienteer over unseen, underground petroleum pipelines? Can you bushwack the railroad grade? If so, join us, the Iowa Neo-Mountaineers!

Of the fifty states, Iowa has the highest percentage of land in agricultural production. With 98% of its 36 million acres privately owned, Iowa, not surprisingly, ranks 48th in the nation in the percent of land in public ownership. Only Connecticut and Rhode Island have less, and Iowa is over ten times the size.

Accordingly, we plan expeditions through the little-known aspects of our surveyed, sectioned, settled, and owned slice of the continent. Our trips turn the map on end.

Look for our current Calendar of Excursions! As always, supplemental oxygen not required.